Abouy Gold Coast Web Technolgy

"We provide highly skilled and talented offshore developers working hard to provide end-to-end solutions."

Satya InfoTech is one of the leading names in the community and it aims at providing dedicated developers to customize and develop software based on the client's requirements. We hire a team of developers, testers, debuggers, and support executives in India who spend 100% of their ability to provide clients with the best solutions.

We hire our team based on the experience and portfolio they possess; each member of our team is highly skilled and holds a bashing portfolio of working in various projects. We cater to the developer's abilities and develop software for our clients as per needs.

  • They are providing excellent solutions to the technical issues faced by clients.
  • We are developing high-end customized software for the clients' needs.
  • We believe in making bonds and trust more than the business contracts and thus provide our clients with faith and trust in our company.

Our company aims at providing our clients with faith and trust, which should never be compromised. Hence, we support our clients for the co-related growth of both ends.

We hold a far vision of growth and development with the clients, our visions are as follows :-

  • Develop an efficient and worthy bond with clients.
  • Maintain maximum transparency with clients.
  • Develop a reliable and ticking support.
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Why Gold Coast Web Technology?

Check our Features


Providing our clients with the solutions and ideas that help them further make bonds better.

Support & Service

Team that handles the task of clearing all the client queries along the updates of project.


Team holding vast experience to work on various projects and develop advanced software’s.


Hard work and dedications invested to the best to develop highest standards outputs.

Why choose us?

Benefits of Working with Us

“Monitor the updates on your project”

We offer 100% transparent IT solutions for your projects. This means you can keep an eye on the performance of your employees in the real time. We believe in providing our clients with solutions and updates to the project goals. We provide our clients with real and practical solutions that can rectify and advance the output quality. You can review the project at any time and share your feedback to make necessary improvements in the project.

“We take all your burden and serve the best”

Once the project is assigned to us, there are no liabilities of a client's sense of trouble. We provide our clients with updates and daily goals on the project based on the requirements of clients. You can hire IT developers for shore duration. Work with them as long as you want and then decide whether you want to make them your permanent employees or discontinue working with them. The choice is all yours!

“There is nothing as low budget but efficient budget”

You can hire a senjor IT developer just at the cost of £1200 to £1500 per month. This way, you can end up with minimum savings of 68%. Or in other words, you can get 3 employees in the cost of 1 employee that you spending hiring in the UK. Isn’t it compelling?

“Save your time it costs more than money”

We make our deadlines taking the precautious time gap which might occur due to any reason. Therefore, we complete all our tasks on deadlines, and we never compromise the quality of the product.


Meet Our Services

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have been the most innovative spaces in the industry holding the prospect for the current business and its future. Out of all, Android mobile apps are more in demand especially to the audience.

Custom Software Development

The company's central vision is to connect with more potential clients to cater to their services in the best way possible. Now companies have decided to switch to the virtual model of interaction to make further connections with the client.

PHP Development

Php language hits the top of the list of "The simplest and easily coded languages." Php is a versatile language and has excellent numbers of outstanding features, making it the most suitable language for web and app development.


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