Hire PHP Developers

Hire PHP Developers

PHP is amongst the most popular server-side scripting languages as well as a preferred choice of developers as it provides enhanced security and ease of development. PHP supports Oracle, Sybase and multiple open-source databases which not only reduces development time but also renders high performance.

Why PHP Development?

In comparison to other coding languages using PHP for website development offers its own set of advantages. Here are some advantages which make it the most preferred language

  • High-Security – Websites developed using PHP Framework have enhanced security as PHP system comes with high-security measures that provide protection against virus attacks and malawar.
  • Supports Apache, IIS and Mysql – PHP can be used autonomously as well as can easily be integrated with other languages. It supports all major servers namely Apache, IIS, Netscape, Microsoft and Mysql.
  • Easy maintenance – PHP System makes use of MVC architecture which makes it ideal for maintenance of automated applications and files. Records are easily created and used in diverse modules while coding.
  • Fast loading – it is amongst the fastest programming language as it takes comparatively less time to connect with the database. Even at slow internet, one can easily load a website built using PHP, this increases website load time.
  • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac – Web applications built using PHP can easily be run on every browser such as Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • High-Performance – PHP offers fast-loading as well as supports multiple servers and languages which allow PHP web applications to work with high efficiency.
  • Time and cost benefits – Development time with PHP is less in comparison to other coding languages due to ease of coding and availability of open resources. Decreased development time eventually results in saving huge website creation cost.

Wide Range of PHP Development Services

  • Custom PHP Website Development – We provide customized PHP web development services. You just need to give us an idea of your design and functionality expectation and we make sure to replicate the same in development.
  • Enterprise Software Development – Large corporates and MNCs need tailor-made solutions, hence we provide customized enterprise software solution which is efficient, robust and highly secured.
  • Ongoing Management & Maintenance – We don’t raise our hands once development is complete, on the contrary, we provide continued maintenance and management of your website keeping in mind best industry practices.
  • • PHP Migrations & Upgradations – We also provide up-gradation and migration services from your existing framework such as .NET, Python, Nodejs to PHP.
  • Full-stack Development – Our dedicated PHP team consists of full-stack developers who can handle your front-end as well as the backend. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple people in the process.
  • CMS / e-Commerce Development – Our experienced PHP Developers have hands-on experience in e-commerce and CMS solutions. Get a highly functional customized e-commerce website to upscale your business.
  • Web API Integrations – For seamless user experience over different platforms, we integrate website with private, public and internal APIs.
  • PHP and MySQL Web Development – For enhanced features and scalability we build app with the combination of MySQL and PHP, however, this completely depends upon project requirement.

Our Benefit

  • Highly Experienced Developers – We have a dedicated team of PHP developers who have 7 to 10 years of working experience. We have versatile developers in-house who precisely know the requirements of different industries.
  • Timely Delivery – We are highly committed to our timelines, you may find development time a little more with us but then we don’t drag our delivery dates.
  • Advanced Testing – To ensure that we deliver a bug-free web application to our clients, we have a dedicated team of experienced Quality Analysts who follow best industry practices.
  • Post-Project Support – Even after delivering your project, we are always there to help you! We provide complete support in managing applications, accessing data files, upgrading applications and the list is just endless.
  • Easy Communication – We have an online tool that allows you to track the progress of your project whenever you wish. It eliminates the hassle of connecting over calls and emails regularly for project updates.
    • Cost-effectiveness – We quote prices only after knowing the requirement of the project as we charge only for the services you require. Our PHP web development services are amongst the most reasonable ones.